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When we began, ATA Trailers, started with just two welders and manufactured only standard box trailers. After a few years, with change in the company profile and ownership, we grew continuously to the point of becoming one of biggest trailer manufacturers in NSW.

In 2014 we moved into our current premises, with doubled the working space and four times the number of production lines.

We now produce a broad range of standard box trailers, tandems, machinery, plant and enclosed trailers. We also custom build trailers to your specifications and can make any trailer up to 10 tones GVM.

ATA Trailers | Box Trailers Sydney
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ATA Trailers | Box Trailers Sydney
Designer Trailers

Some of trailers have became landmarks for quality and functioning such as our Furniture Trailer, Dingo Combination, Mini excavator, Bobcat trailer, Enclosed Furniture Trailer or Skid Loader trailer.

Working together with our customers, we have developed, designed and produced a range of trailers for hiring and transport companies, such as Kennard’s Hire, National Hire and Active Hire.

We have also designed and developed custom built trailers for many large organisations such as city councils, Road and Traffic authorities, builders, Sydney Water, Integral Energy, communication companies and other valuable customers all over Australia.

We have also made trailers for export in New Caledonia, Fiji, New Zealand, The Near East and other countries.

How Can you buy our trailers?


Our Standard Box Trailers can be purchased ON-LINE

Dealer Network

Our network of more than 5 dealers is spread throughout NSW. You will find our trailers on the roads of every state and territory in Australia.

From The Factory

We also sell our trailers directly to the public from our factory in St Marys.


If you cannot find what you're looking for please give us a call.

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