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Terms & Conditions


  1. Trailers and trailer parts are warranted against manufacturing defects, faulty materials and/or faulty workmanship for the period as stated in this statement, or as stated in warranty statements of suppliers of the trailer parts. This warranty does not exclude any condition or warranty implied in the Trade Practices Act or relevant state laws.
  2. In the event of any defect arising in the trailer body and the trailer parts during warranty period, repairs will be carried out at no charge to the purchaser, subject to the conditions specified in this statement. Proof of purchase along with the customer's details must accompany the claim.
  3. The warranty applies to repairs and replacements done at ATA Premises only or by dealer and/or manufacturer authorised by ATA Trailers. If warranty repair and/or replacement is claimed, authorisation and approval from ATA Trailers must be obtained prior to the beginning of any repair or trailer part replacement. In this case and itemised invoice of the charges and return of all faulty or replaced parts is needed.
  4. Warranty apply for repair and replacement of trailer parts for the period of twelve (12) months for the body and six(6) months for moving parts: bearings, wheels and tyres, In some cases ATA Trailers can agree to extend the warranty for longer period, subject to written consent.
  5. The purchaser is responsible for any transportation and insurance costs. Towing and delivery costs are to be paid by the purchaser both ways to and from the purchaser.
  6. ATA Trailers may charge for labour, trailer parts and handling costs when the trailer and trailer parts are found in good working condition and/or when purchaser agrees to participate in costs of repair and replacement.
  7. This warranty does not extend and will not apply to trailers and spare parts or defects or injuries caused or resulting from causes as the following:
    • If the trailer or trailer parts have not been fitted, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the ATA Trailers or trailer parts suppliers instructions and recommendations.
    • Misuse,neglect,abuse of trailer and trailer parts.
    • In case of incorrect use and unauthorised fitting of trailer and trailer parts ( especially brakes, chassis, draw-bar, springs, axles, couplings, wheels and wheel nuts).
    • Accidental damage on the road and/or in off-road condition.
    • In case when trailers was hit and exposed to mechanical damages out of normal working conditions.
    • In case of overloading and exceeding Gross Trailer Mass(GVM/GTM), shown on compliance plate (V.I.N) and registration papers.
    • In case of changing design, trailer structure, replacement of body parts made without authorisation of ATA Trailers and/or spare parts suppliers.
  1. Any claim under this warranty must be made direct to ATA Trailers with the product and part description and any serial numbers. It is also necessary to specify the fault and/or need for replacement. Any costs made prior to ATA Trailers approval and consent will be at the purchaser's costs and risk.
  2. Subject to any warranties implied at no time will ATA Trailers be liable for any economic loss consequent upon the failure of the trailer and trailer parts. Should the compliance plate, serial number (V.I.N) and registration number or sticker be deleted, altered or tampered with, warranty will be deemed void.

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